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All this happened in the 60th when those regulations weren't in place, yet. The report is from a time when the anti nuclear energy movement was on it's peak but is remarkably objective/careful with claims. Almost all statements are subjunctive. The source/channel "Das Erste" (German public broadcast) is reliable.

Fish is probably save to eat (despite what the posting states) the waste was only low to middle radioactive and deposited several km deep. The way the food chain work is mostly (but not completely, that was the part by the prof that was interviewed) the other way round (starts at surface and trickles down).

The public backslash to nuclear energy resulted in nuclear energy plants being phased out currently. The government has learned the energy producing combines not. They actually sued the state for compensation for having their ancient technology plants being phased out. Unfortunately the court ruled in their favour and almost nobody took notice.

The current regulations are incredible high. However, there are loopholes. There are interim storages (like at my workspace... yay...) whose license for storing nuclear waste run out years ago but not permission to move the waste is issued. Sure, the problem will actually go away if you ignore it for long enough, that's just physics but it also takes a few million years.

Still interesting, though, I rarely hear about stories like this. It seems to be one of these problems that is just quietly passed on from government to government and nobody mentions or touches it...
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